The helping actions performed for a large meeting or event held for a group of people who share a common interest or profession.

Very few business activities represent as many opportunities while at the same time as many headaches as do Conventions or Trade Shows. Over the years we have developed Convention and Trade Show Services that have proven extremely valuable to our customers – taking a great deal of the stress out of the process:

We have the people and expertise to help put together a great Show Strategy

• Pre-Show, communicate with attendees before the event to maximize participation.

• During the Show, make sure all needed materials are on hand.

• Post-Show, to follow up with attendees and no-shows to maximize results.

• We have the production capabilities to:

• Produce needed printed materials.

• Produce promotional materials for your use.

• Integrate internet and other electronic communications.

• We have the logistics capabilities to:

• To get those materials where they need to go.

• To get those materials delivered on schedule.