A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Ads

In the never-ending quest to stay on customers' minds, marketers have tried just about everything to attract and retain attention. In repayment of these efforts, the consumers that marketers have worked so hard to reach have largely become immune to all these communications—research indicates that only about 4 of the 5,000+ messages that consumers see daily are actually committed to memory. And it's not getting any easier—only 3% of Millennials (individuals born between 1984 and 2004) rely on traditional media for information, yet these consumers will spend an estimated $10 trillion in their collective lifetimes.

So what's a marketer to do? Visa Signature wasn't sure either, so the company challenged some startup companies to develop new and exciting ways to engage and inspire Millennials. The strategy from a company called Flag may surprise you. Putting a creative twist on direct mail, Flag developed an app that prints and ships photos for free. Brands sponsor the photos with ads and promotions on the back, and voilà—this becomes direct mail that's memorable and won't be thrown away! This idea capitalizes on the fact that Millennials take billions of photos each month with their smartphones. Research by Dr. Linda Henkel from Fairfield University proves that revisiting a photo is more memorable than just taking it. Furthermore, 84% of Millennials recall learning about their family memories from verbal stories that accompanied hard copy photographs.


Here's Blue Tape's Quote of the Week:

"Life gives us brief moments with one another, but sometimes those brief moments bring memories that last a lifetime."