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Put your lead generation efforts into the "exact science" category through engaging, nurturing, and scoring prospects. Blue Tape's marketing solutions allow you to provide the right offer to the right potential customer at the right time... and for the right product or service. Following these steps through the buying cycle will lead to increasing response and conversion rates.

  • Create leads with outbound and inbound marketing from direct mail and email to landing pages and microsites on through to social media and events.
  • Communicate regularly using content that is personalized and revelant based on interests and actions.
  • Nurture leads with a lead scoring system that identifies and prioritizes sales-ready leads based on actions and points assigned to them.

‚ÄčLead Management is extremely valuable when you can work with:

  • Goals
  • Rules and Triggers
  • Scoring
  • Lead Nurturing / Drip Marketing
  • And, even Sales Alerts