Our DONE FOR YOU solution is designed for businesses needing to outsource their direct marketing to a company capable of delivering the results they need, thereby enabling them to run their business. We start with this knowledge ... truly effective direct marketing strategy is a combination of science and art. The science begins with understanding and applying the data. Who are your existing customers? Why do they do business with you? Who are your best prospects? What benefits do they seek? What are the most effective ways to communicate with them? This data then allows the most successful marketers to PERSONALIZE communication with prospects and existing customers. Then, the science drives the art, consisting of both RELEVANT content and design. The single biggest determiner of marketing success is relevance.

Just how important it is that marketers get both the science and art right? How can personalization and relevance impact your marketing success? Well, consider these statistics provided by CAP Ventures and reported by InfoTrends:

  • Response Rates Increase by 36%
  • Order Values Increase by 25%
  • Repeat Orders Increase by 46%

But wait! There’s more! Now that you have the right message ready to go to the right people at the right time ... it has to be delivered through the right channels.