What Cuties!—Peel that Brand

Most grocery shoppers don’t give their citrus much thought besides the “organic versus conventional” conundrum. But, that’s all changing as one fruit is quickly becoming a household name. That name is Cuties, and they are dominating the citrus market.

Cuties has defined a new and unique market niche with their small, easy-to-peel, seedless mandarins. The company took two consumer trends—convenience and health—and rolled it in to one sweet treat for consumers.

The campaign, “Cuties are made for kids,” has made Cuties a brand-name fruit that kids are asking for and parents are endorsing. Cuties even linked the television campaign with an interactive website for kids, complete with contests and Cutie merchandise.

For marketers, there is more to Cuties than nutrition. The Cuties brand shows that in order to become a successful market leader, you must be aware of consumer trends, find or create a need, fill the need with a unique product, and promote using effective branding.

Can your company find an easy way to peel out its own market? Take your cue from Cuties on that!

Blue Tape's Quote of the Week:
"Convenience means more than single-serve, easy-to-prepare, and easy-to-take-away products. Consumers also want convenient products with additional attributes.."
-International Markets Bureau